12 practical ideas DIY and instruction manuals – Table from wine boxes to build

table wine crates diy coffee table reservoir

They find the usual pieces of furniture from the furniture store too boringly and would not like to spend a lot of money for designer’s piece of furniture, then you can build unique pieces of furniture simply. For it often becomes pallets or different wooden boxes, as for example fruit or wine boxes applies. A table from wine boxes can lend charm to every space and can be built in few steps.  

In the follower you find a few projects DIY for different tables which you can build from wine boxes. Inspire yourselves and furnish you the house individually and elegantly.

table wine crates side table metal legs shelf diy

If you liked to build the piece of furniture from wine boxes, you can use new, as well as used wooden boxes. Certainly, the used wine boxes have some use traces, approximately like tears and depressions, however, look really charmingly and elegantly. If the box also has a stamp or overprint, the self-built pieces of furniture also receive a unique Vintage Look. With new wine boxes, on the other hand, you can do modern equipment for living room or bedroom.

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