14 ideas to transform your porch

14 ideas for transforming your porch will perhaps be a childhood memory, but for me the porch is an almost magical place where you can feel the passage of time, the movement of nature, ultimately that is a privileged place to spend wonderful moments. If you have a porch in your home, take care of it because you have a great treasure. Despite the great value that has itself this space needs to pay him attention and affection so that you can exploit it fully.

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We will then see a good number of decorating ideas for porches that we have compiled for you. They exist in different styles but there is a central idea that the crosses all and make this semi-outdoor space more welcoming and warm as possible. There are elements indispendables to feel good on a porch, a comfortable seat, sofa, armchairs, rocking chairs, what you prefer and curtains or other system to adjust the light.

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The next thing we need is vegetation and the nearest best. Or set two levels, a level within the same porch with plants in pots and planters and the second level off the porch in the garden. Not only because of the psychological effect of plants but also by the physical effect to cool the air to her around.

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We can orient the decoration of our porch to our particular needs, there will be those who prefer a comfortable place to rest and relax and who instead understand it more as a social space and meeting. Nothing more simple to use furniture suitable for every use.

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Although in reality both points of view can be reconciled completely and in fact will be more usual, as you can see in the various decorations that we show. Sofas and hanging chairs where you can sit or lie down to take a nice NAP can coexist perfectly with more seats and a table so we can have a drink with friends and chat awhile.

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