14 wedding games for guests and have fun at the wedding

As perhaps everyone knows from their own experience, for the real fun on the wedding, there are plenty of wedding games. They can be divided into two groups: for the wedding guests and for the bride and groom. Funny wedding games for guests relax the atmosphere and have mostly the background to entertain the wedding party. The right time for the games depends above all on the individual circumstances and the wedding planning. This should be the best way to bridge the breaks between the small events during the wedding ceremony and improve the mood. In addition, it is the right time for the guests to get to know each other better.

In the wedding planning, you do not have to schedule fixed dates for the games, but you have to act with a little bit of a finger because a bit of change of mood is always good. So that you can feel comfortable and enjoy the wedding menu, the food is certainly not the right time for wedding games. In addition, there should perhaps be opportunities to be able to conduct one or the other conversation with the table neighbours. Usually, the individual games are coordinated and organised so that they are as diverse as possible. Funny quiz games complement a bit more serious talk. This makes the guests feel well throughout and no boredom is guaranteed. The funeral ceremonies are usually responsible for the celebration. They should also discuss all the wedding games with the bridal couple because games that may be unpleasant to the bride and groom have nothing to look for at the wedding celebration.

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A wedding often comes from guests from different regions who do not know each other. There are wedding games, which turn around to make sure everyone gets to know each other better. So the ice is broken, a relaxed atmosphere arises and one amuses itself properly at the wedding. Perhaps it is useful to play the “who-who-who” game at the beginning. This requires a leader who can speak freely. This presents itself in the middle of the room and presents funny questions, which have a relationship to the bride and groom or to the bride/groom:

Who knows the bride and groom for more than ten years?

Who was on holiday with the bride and groom?

Who knows a secret of the bride and groom?

Who knows when the bride/groom’s birthday has?

Who went to the same school with the bride/groom?

Who cooked with the bride and groom?

Who has already drank some wine with the bride and groom?

The game guide provides the guests first to introduce themselves and then briefly answer the question. 

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Josh & Matt - October 11th, 2014 - Newagen Seaside Inn
Josh & Matt – October 11th, 2014 – Newagen Seaside Inn

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Bridal party dancing in marquee
Bridal party dancing in marquee

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Tuscany Wedding by, Lindsay Madden Photography
Tuscany Wedding by, Lindsay Madden Photography

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