20 ideas for bathroom design with stone tiles – refreshing of course!

The attraction of natural stone is indisputable – if used correctly, it is a cosy and at the same time modern ambiance. We show you 20 inspirational ideas for bathroom design with stone tiles that are refreshingly certainly do.

Bathroom design wooden furniture Stone Wall Tiles light grays natural materials

The stone has a natural charm and is a popular choice for wall tiling in the bathroom. The about “cold” look of the bathroom design with stone tiles relaxes the senses and creates a feel good atmosphere. How is the material used but the best? Very stylish and totally trendy lately is the design, where floor and walls with stone tiles are laid. So, a consistent color scheme is created. But caution – in this case you should choose tiles in a light color of sand, otherwise the bathroom is dark and small. The size of the tiles should be coordinated with the room conditions. Large wall panels make the bathroom appear spacious, while small tile as an accent can be used.

Designed bathroom tiles stone look design ideas window glass shower

The rugged beauty of the material can be by rustic wood furniture / for example a wooden washstand / be emphasized. But also the combination of stone and metal is very effective and refined bathroom – minimalist sink from stainless steel or mirror with glossy metal frame bring out the tiles better. A glass shower stall or bathtub white ceramic will add minimalist touch to the design.

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