20 ideas for decorating small rooms

If you need inspiration for decorating small rooms , look at ideas from these 20 rooms decorated in different styles and trends.
Light colors give more sense of space than dark colors. Mirrors are a great solution for expanding spaces, but do not submit it pointing to the bed if you want to follow the guidelines of Feng Shui.

smal lmodern bedroom

Take your time and go through all the photos, analyzing the details and your perfect room setting.
Examples decorating small rooms




 small bedroom designs

small bedroom_designs



As you can see from the photos, the large beds are a good choice in small rooms, contrary to what it may seem. A large bed takes longer, but gives the feeling of being in a larger space, if it is a large bed that the room is not that small.




Another commonality in almost all the pictures, is that the walls are painted white or light colors. It takes much room painting with bright colors, or paint a wall in a dark color, but for decorating small rooms is not a good idea. For greater feeling of spaciousness need “not see the walls,” and that the best is white.



small bedroom design ideas

The large mirrors are another widely used in decorating small bedrooms resource. They make it feel that the space is twice as large, it will increase the brightness, so that does double duty.



If the room has large windows aprovéchalas not the tapes with blackout curtains. If you do not have too much natural light, well illuminated room with white lamps. The well-lit spaces look larger.In the example below we see that the rule is not to paint the walls white, but makes up putting many lamps. My advice for decorating small rooms is that they do not risk it safe and go with white walls and lots of light and floor it look bigger .

small bedrooms



If you like the black and do not fancy an all white room, you can use the black to the ground , on carpets or cushions. Being close to the ground we will not detract too much light, so the room will not look dingy or smaller.