20 inspiring country kitchens – special pictures

20 inspiring rural kitchens-photo special looking for inspiration for your country kitchen? In this photo we serve you special 20 country-style kitchens that make you mouth water. Above kitchen is rural, but also modern. Thanks to the varicose wall with white glossy tiles, retro faucet in chrome and neutral color use this is a fine example of a bright country kitchen. The sheet in concrete increases the rural feeling without sacrificing the modern whole. Also the typical open shelves add to the cottage style.

country cottage style kitchen

The use of neutral colors in combination with a natural material such as granite, ensuring a clear stylish country kitchen. The grooves in the kitchen cabinets and door knobs emphasize the country style. In this beautiful kitchen we find the same style back, but still a tad more sophisticated. The stove, built as an ornamental chimney, immediately attracts the attention. Details such as patterns on the frosted glass work, the grooves in the closet doors, the columns next to the kitchen, the gold-coloured chrome accessories and the marble countertop do this country kitchen.

Typical for a country kitchen include the kitchen island, sink and cabinets with glazed Windows. This kitchen is a perfect example of this. The striking color makes for a fresh and contemporary key.

Cottage style kitchen 1

This kitchen is proof that country and tough also go together. The central place of the stove, the kitchen island, granite and natural materials such as wood and the open shelves make this kitchen nationwide. The use of dark colors for both accessories as varicose wall make it then again tough.

That nationwide and do not have to exclude each other as retro style, there is above kitchen living proof of. The black and white pattern on the kitchen floor and the splash wall giving it a retro-look, just like using pastel colors in the table and kitchen cabinets.

country kitchen black marble

A country kitchen is also possible for small budgets. This kitchen without frills is practical and efficient. The splash wall was finished with cheap wooden panels which provide an attractive key. Behind the crane were salvaged tiles.

In this kitchen, the typical rural accessories keep pots from baked clay, woven baskets and wooden cutting boards give the kitchen a rural feel. The wooden beams increase the rustic feeling. In addition, the metal black handles, the neutral colors, wood work surface and curtains with gingham pattern the typical elements of a kitchen with a country feel.

cottage style kitchens

Nationwide have absolutely not be boring. That proves the above design. In this kitchen go glamour and country hand in hand. The grooves in the kitchen cabinets, wood work sheet and the general use of neutral colors make this kitchen nationwide. On the other hand, concerns the chromed handles, the shiny chandeliers and marble varicose wall for a dash glamour.

The sleek form of the kitchen in combination with the material choices, give this country kitchen a modern look & feel. The high-gloss worksheet provides a classy key.Here introduces the use of natural materials the overtone. The wooden floor, the marble worktop and splash wall in natural stone provide a rustic look.

Open shelves and glass storage jars are a nice idea to country-look to the kitchen. The striking porcelain sink and wooden kitchen cabinets come into their own in this country kitchen. Rural kitchens can best color treaties. This pastel green kitchen is perfect in this kitchen in cottage style.

country kitchen cooking island

In this example, we find the classic elements of the country kitchen: neutral colors, natural materials, a crane in retro style and classic kitchen cabinets. The mosaic on the splash wall provides a playful touch.

Cook in this kitchen is integrated into the kitchen island. The kitchen is the heart of the home, you will notice in this example. In a food may (and should) be lived.
The Crown chandeliers and worksheet with black marble make this kitchen next to rural also chic and glamorous. The typical patterns in the wood trim on cabinets and sliders and the use of glass for the kitchen cabinets are recurring elements of the country kitchen. It can also on an alternative way. That proves this kitchen. Open shelves, colored glass and an olive green wall color form the basis for a different take on nationwide.

country kitchen decor

A kitchen with statement? That is exactly what these owners had in mind. The imposing ornamental fireplace from limestone with cooking stove draws the attention right away. The other natural materials such as the splash wall in limestone, the wooden kitchen island and marble worktop are striking elements.

country kitchen inspiration

And that is reflected in this example. Also here are natural materials and decorative chimney the focus. The luster, barstools and unique finishing materials steal the show.Modern and country-style elements flow together perfectly. An American refrigerator, sleekly modern accessories such as the luster and the kitchen scales provide a contemporary finish. The grooves in the cupboards and natural materials make it nationwide. Stay up to date with competitions, fun projects and tips to make your home in? Register now for our monthly newsletter!

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