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With the Villeroy & Boch online Bathroom Planner the right products for your dream bathroom

So the bathroom met, but a place of calm and relaxation is not only practical functions, the matching bathroom ceramics and bath furniture must be selected. With the online Bathroom Planner by Villeroy & Boch, everyone has the opportunity to test different equipment. The room will be completely Call Call changed with just one click – and if thesis simple tips When planning are Observed, can create a spa-like atmosphere and a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in every bathroom.

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Often, in the planning of the bathroom a mistake – that bath products are only on the basis of catalogs and selected brochures. While the dimensions of the products can be underestimated HOWEVER easy and one notes in hindsight that, for example, the washbasin or the tall cabinet in the room fit, crowded the bathroom as a result but restless and acts. Who uses of online Bathroom Planner for planning, needs to worry about it – thanks to a 3D visualization the user gets an exact idea about what his future dream bathroom will look like. In addition the Following tips help you plan:

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-Future-Oriented thinking – Ultimately a bathroom renovation is an investment pays off in the long run did. THEREFORE, it is worth thinking about in any case about the future. As a single Benthic Benthic, usually only a wash basin is required, a family, HOWEVER, benefits from a double vanity with additional storage space in the wash-basin cabinet. Thus the barrier-free design of the own four walls is a wise investment in your future. A barrier-free facility meets every life situation: it offers not only plenty of space for the whole family, but can be used even across generations. Is dared to look into the future, so you can rely with a barrier-free bathroom designed on a high level of comfort and safety.

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Test design variants – with a shower, bathtub or a combination of Both? Only after one has given best of overview of the options, the alternative can be selected. So a small bathroom can offer many possibilities. There are comfortable and at the sametime space-saving interior solutions: A narrowed basin or the installation of a compact toilets create a spatial effects in the mini bathroom. A floor-level shower with glass shower screen fits discreetly into your room design.

Nothing in the way is the dream of a wellness oasis with the selection of the Appropriate products. As soon as the decision is directly to a Villeroy & Boch planning can be forwarded to partner nearby. The Villeroy & Boch partner take care of a professional implementation and bring more useful advice and ideas.