24 creative living ideas for modern wall decoration

Creative living ideas are needed in all living areas. This is limited not only the concentrated and decoration, but also on the wall and choice of colours in the room. Today we show you a few great ideas for modern wall decoration, that would totally change the image of the living room. Stunning effects can be achieved through colors and textures.

creative decorating ideas bedroom wall porcelain stoneware brick finish BRISTOL Ceramica Rondine design

These thermoformed 3D wall tiling of celebrity by Élitis in a beautiful metal splendor and sets new accents in the living room. The wall panels are impressive decorative pattern and a gaufriertes relief. The design wall panels made of polyethylene Catimini by Élitis are characterized by a delicate 3D Lace motifs from. Thus, you can dress up an entire wall or just a small part. They were used in this example in the bedroom, on the wall behind the bed.

creative decorating ideas wall color bedrooms glitter particles star VALPAINT

The Vega wall plates are a part of the luminescent collection by Élitis. Magic reflections are created thanks to the polished coating and looks different from every angle. The Emerald hue of the wall covering is combined in this living room with black and white furniture.

creative decorating ideas wall color bedrooms blue water optic Mavericks VALPAINT

The Cork wall panels provide heat and sound insulation and impress with their natural charm. The Cork can be perfectly combined wall covering with white furniture in the bedroom. This stoneware reflects the atmosphere of the post-industrial city of Bristol and there reproduced the brick surfaces of the facades. Thanks to the most advanced ceramic technology, the colours and textures of the bricks have been faithfully imitated. The wall panels can be inserted into any room even in the bedroom.

creative decorating ideas wall color dining pink cream mavericks color effect

The hexagonal wall plate tea are varied and offer numerous design possibilities. With the stitched hexagons one can create infinite compositions on the wall, making himself a bed headboard. The best part is that they are not only decorative, but also swallowing scarf. 3D wall panels made of wood of the longest and widest River in Europe – Volga which flows endlessly through the continents served as inspiration for this. On the surface depressions and heights, which represent land and river repeated.

creative decorating ideas wall color fireplace room divider Marco Polo

The Leykos wall panels combine aesthetics and function. The wood panels incorporate LED lighting systems, which emit a soft light. The patterns that make up the lights, you can design according to customer requirements. The new project LEALAB by Lea Ceramiche combines a revolutionary digital printing technology with Slimtech, the ultra thin large-size ceramic tiles. It is already possible to press images and patterns on 3 mm thick ceramic panels. So, this durable wall covering can be personalize with your own design.

creative decorating ideas wall color gray metallic effect Marco Polo sanmarco

This special water-based ink creates a shimmering effect on the walls thanks to the coloured pigments that reflect light. She can mingle with other decorative paints and varnishes. Particularly fascinating, she sees in the bedroom where the light is soft and intimate, so that the tiny glitter particles in half darkness shine. This is a modern and elegant effect color on water base for indoor use. She can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Thanks to their unique colors and shades, she has a particularly decorative effect. In the example above, grey effect colour is used as a backdrop for the furniture and Accessires in white.

creative decorating ideas wall color living room brown sofa cream KLONDIKE VALPAINT

Warm colors convey a feeling of coziness. The ochre accent wall is in line with the furniture and accessories in pink, white and Brown. The alcove is a led bar and wall plate with a reflective surface stresses.A single colored wall in the living room is an eye-catcher. The white sofa and dark wood furnishings are correctly brought to bear through the cobalt blue wall color.Neutral colors for living room are the trend. But try with color effects to play light and surfaces, to make beautiful accents.

creative decorating ideas wall color living chocolate brown white furniture KLONDIKE VALPAINT

creative decorating ideas wall color metallics petrol blue white sofa KLONDIKE VALPAINT

creative decorating ideas wall color shabby chic patina san Parco

creative decorating ideas wall cork bedrooms with fitted ceiling lights

creative decorating ideas wall design 3D wall panels wood VOLGA MOKO

creative decorating ideas wall design bedroom bed headboard fabric wall panels hexagon TEA SANCAL DISEÑO

creative decorating ideas wall design color golden glitter particles star VALPAINT

creative decorating ideas wall design living room wall panels metallics flowers GRENADE elitis

creative decorating ideas wall design wall panels living natural fiber emerald green VEGA elitis

creative decorating ideas wall paint pink kitchen white fronts Millicor eco VALPAINT

Creative interior design ideas living room color beige gray KLONDIKE LIGHT VALPAINT wall decoration effect

Creative interior design ideas living room wall design color ocher yellow LED strip rococo VALPAINT

creative living ideas porcelain stoneware wall panels gray patterned LEA LAB LEA CERAMICHE

creative living ideas porcelain stoneware wall panels pattern gray LEALAB-LEA CERAMICHE

creative living ideas wallboard lace motif bedrooms CATIMINI elitis

creative living ideas wooden wall panels integrated LED lights LEYKOS MENOTTI SPECCHIA

creative wall decorating ideas of color effect gray KLONDIKE LIGHT VALPAINT