25 Beautifully Creative Ways to Recycle Vintage Suitcases at Home

25 Beautifully Creative Ways to Recycle Vintage Suitcases at Home have been curated and showcased in the gallery bellow. The crafts are simple, insanely beautiful and ingenious at the same time. Start showing up at those garage sales, search your attic, roam the foe markets for hidden vintage suitcase and do your best to snatch them up.


You don`t have to worry about much with these suitcases as their form factors play to your advantage a great deal; try to sanitize them and give them a pleasant odor before transforming them into a neat nightstand or side-table. It is also recommended to alter them as little as possible unless their state requires huge modifications, in time, you might find it useful in its initial shape.


Sanitize the vintage suitcase properly and use it to create a dog bed out of a vintage suitcase in minutes. Shaleah from The Golden Jelly Bean documented this craft and it has a beautiful and comfortable end result.


#2 create a colorful suitcase side table
Featured on My So-Called Craft Life, this suitcase side table is quite remarkable especially thanks to the pop colors contrast.


#3 create a neat doll house for your girls
Pretty Prudent has tailored a neat doll house that can be taken anywhere, in any vacation or holiday with ease. It can contain the toys needed to animate the scenery and it`s insanely practical. What do you think?


#4 use a vintage suitcase as comfortable tiny chair
You can transform a superb vintage suitcase in a neat suitcase chair; use it as a focal point in your decor and add that romantic travelling vibe to your decor. This craft has been realized by See Kate Sew .


#5 use the old suitcase as a vanity cabinet
Covet & Want has beautified the world with this simple craft. Store everything that you need in a vintage suitcase cabinet with a traveler theme.


#6 add beauty to a regular nightstand
Notice how the airy decor above has been beautified through the shape of a new element that adds diversity and comfort at the same time ?! If your suitcases is in a bad state or if you`re happy enough to find one that matches your color scheme as a glove you have many options. Songbird has realized this insanely beautiful nightstand with a painted suitcases, what do you think?


#7 Create a beautiful diversity of suitcase shelves
Inspired by Upcycled Dzine this is probably one of the hardest DIY suitcase project to realize yet the results are very very rewardful. You can play and adapt to your interior decor a great deal and they simply exude a very complex, diverse and colorful traveler theme. You just need a few vintage suitcases in mint condition to realize it.


#8 create a magical craft box
Vintage suitcases have once been just suitcases and it goes without saying that they`re very good traveling companions. If you are a crafty individual you can set up your own suitcase kit with the most important items off the pack and walk across the country with it, wherever, whenever you need it.


#9 showcase your IDENTITY in style with a vintage suitcase card holder
Something Borrowed has presented this beautiful idea to individuals organizing events worldwide. If you happen to find yourself in a vintage inspired celebration you can use smaller vintage suitcases to spread the word about your services or to spread organizational tips and tricks. It`s insanely functional and stylish at the same time.


#10 create dog bowls out of a suitcase
If you have a furry friend in your family you know how important this craft is. This project has been found on Imgur and it`s insanely smart whilst being very very stylish.


#11 update vintage suitcases with fabric covers
You can actually update the vintage suitcases into a new, mesmerizing image that can take part your decor without further interventions. You can move them around the house and assemble them in any composition you like.