25 Christmas decorations ideas in the glass to the do it yourself

You can conjure up beautiful Christmas decorations from old jam jars. As a candle holder or snow globes, these little jars can be not only practical but also very decorative. Check out the Christmas decorations ideas with glass and get inspired for your next craft project.

Christmas gifts glass idea pastry layers

Apply glue on the glass and sprinkle with dark or sea salt. So a beautiful frost effect. Decorate with jute cord and a branch of the berries and the tea light holder is ready.

These snow globes are suitable not only as decoration for the table or mantel, but also as a last-minute gift for a friend. You can be produced quickly and easily at home. Mini Christmas trees on the cover glue and allow to dry. Fill the glass with distilled water, add some glitter or artificial snow and a few squirts baby oil. Carefully insert the cover and screw it down firmly. Seal with hot glue gun.

Christmas glass ideas branches surroanded

If you live in a House, you can welcome guests by you illuminate the sidewalk with lanterns. Fill the jars with sea salt and sand and put tea lights. Filling you empty glass with candies, cookies and gingerbread in layers and use it as a decoration for the Christmas table or kitchen. Or make the best last-minute gift it.

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