26 impressive door handles and their meaning

The fascinating variety of door handles probably there are hardly any people who can bring antique door handles in connection with a hobby. For those who collect ornate door handles, this is an inconceivable passion. Stories about architecture, about the age or the site on which the building is constructed, can be read on each door handle. Every passionate collector requires figuring out all the details around the door handle around. There are methods that lead to the desired results based on the signs of wear and careful examination of the surface of the door handle.

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If it would happen to you to notice an inconspicuous door handle in the dusty corner of an antique store, you would simply continue without thinking twice about it. A collector would see a small piece of history is in your place. More specifically, a good collector understand the history that whispers to the small, isolated fragment of architecture.

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The fact that experienced collectors can definitely tell the difference between the doorknobs of commercial buildings and the residential home is impressive. A particularly good example is the Victorian time in designing a door handle had a special meaning. The architects of that time saw the door handle as an honorary designation of style, in which they built the building.

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There are many door handles that have exceptional design or intricate engravings that are hard to trace. Houses take part some design for their company with luxury apartments, hotels and even banks.In the colonial period, the first door handle was made from wood. In the war of American independence, houses got door handles in round shape from influential families.

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