33 interior design ideas with tube style for your home in the cool industrial

Industrial equipment – hide or decorate?
Designers are increasingly charged with the task to hide tubes and other parts of the industrial systems by matching interior design ideas. Lately, however, we observe a different approach. Designer integrate tubes, pipes and other industrial facilities in the design. You give them a special role by matching decoration or combine with accessories.

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Find the following statement an exaggeration: any element in the interior design can brighten the room. This works mostly through the appropriate decoration. Do you have E.g. ventilation with chrome finish? These can be combined wonderfully with a silver fridge. Still, here black and white photography would be very fitting.

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Usually the exposed industrial facilities in larger premises register well. The narrow room would look even smaller by something. However, the whole thing in a loft looks different. The industrial facilities make the Luxuriosly is not worse.

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Do you think that the exposed pipes and other industrial facilities well enroll only in industrial premises? We believe they can be integrated by appropriate decoration in any rooms. The following examples may illustrate this well. Rather than hide the tubes, you should strive to emphasize their presence even more. Give them an aesthetic function. Tubes and andre industrial facilities could contribute to the better zoning of the area.

Country university ideas tube diy living ideas bedroom wall shelving build yourself

You can hang lights in some dark zones on tubes. You can be in the industrial or in a different style. The chains with the light bulbs on it hung are particularly suitable. The last solution is now super modern. Some industrial facilities show a wonderful color. These are especially nice from zinc. Let these coming into its own with a suitable background color. Combine with other decorative elements made of the same material.

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Some tubes can also serve as storage space. You must combine these with shelves and achieve a wonderful effect. Check out below our examples and inspiration for new interior design ideas!

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