35 great garden ideas for small gardens!

The most important thing is that it has no optical barriers. Hedges and fences are, for example, not to be recommended, because they reinforce the narrow impression. Of course, this is just a piece of advice and no golden rule. On the below shown photo, for example, there is a fence in the garden. Sometimes one must simply meet the practical and the aesthetic decision. The fence is indispensable in some garden and patio designs.

bamboo environment make great garden small design

Does your garden have little space? Then think of something creative! Why not extend the garden in the height? An interesting proposal in this direction would be: the tree. Plant one or more trees in your garden. They should of course not be too large, because they would meet all the space visually. Maybe a high parasol over the garden table, or an improvised canopy as an accent? Decorative luminaires or hanging ornaments with garden motifs could be hanging over the seating arrangement. Such chains are always impressive.


When it comes to creative garden ideas for small gardens, we must mention also the seating areas. The best Garden contains always a comfortable seating area for the adults and a playground for the children. Do you have any children? Instead of building a playground, you can create, for example, a garden of Japan. He’s magnetic. Let’s go back to the seating areas. More cushion mean more comfort! Different models in various forms to the accent and give a very inviting and warm look to the seating area. Decorate the garden table with beautiful candles and garden elements. You could both yourself think out the decorations and crafts as well just order. Flowers in vases, garden ornaments, flower pots, butterflies, Ladybugs All is allowed, if it matches the exterior.

beautiful model garden green chairs red grass

Stick with it and find more garden ideas for small gardens. Many aspects of garden design to order a good search. Of the flooring biz to planting and furniture selection Inform you are well in advance, so that you equip a garden to dream!

beautiful green plants and catchy bench in garden

beautiful model of garden great furniture pieces

Blue garden furniture purple flower garden design ideas

brick wall beautiful design from the garden green grass

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fence garden creating interesting and green plants

front garden create small pond and beautiful green plants

full model small garden with beautiful effect furniture

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garden design ideas many green plants great extrerieur

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