36 interior design ideas for a modern home in 2016!

Every year new colors, materials, patterns, and decorative approaches appear in the modern interior design ideas. Innovative combinations go hand in hand, therefore. They are particularly important. You make known motifs and patterns in a whole new light. The PANTONE color Institute for us this year has two wonderful shades of pink and blue created. You call each Rose Quartz and serenity. Mate both shades or make similar combinations to achieve a very innovative appearance. The Rose Quartz and serenity combination 2016 assumes the lead role of Marsala.

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You achieve the sense of calm and wake up the nostalgia for childhood. A more modern color combination with the interior design ideas is mustard and gray. Access increasingly to professional designers. In principle, this is nothing new. This combination in the most stylish interior design is for a long time. Play with the intensity of the nuances, to achieve an individual effect.

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Metals played a leading role in the interior decorations already by 2015. But now, they are a hot trend. It is important that you choose the warm nuances. Polished zinc is an example. Combine it with natural materials such as leather. Designer 2016 like to combine brass and wood. A material should dominate and the other as an accent arise.

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Wood unfolds its beauty within this combination, best when it has a matte finish. This is a modern trend in this year also.The Interior veneer is becoming more popular. This material is very environmentally friendly, inscribes itself in the minimalist trends very well. Veneer fits great to the Japanese and Scandinavian styles have become so popular.

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Feel free to use plywood in 2016 for everything: walls, furniture, and accessories.You introduce super effective dynamics and movement in the ambience, thanks to tiles in geometric patterns. This solution is universal for all rooms, regardless of their function. The tiles, which show a slightly chaotic look at whose arrangement is especially up-to-date.

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