3D Printed Vases with 3Doodler Pen

I don’t think it was possible, so that 2, but that it was difficult for me, for the arrival of my 3Doodler patient to wait any more, before I grace you Prez vase series saw that the springs have been created. In fact, had I now get up, check again my front door. Unfortunately, it was just the garbage truck that I’ve heard.

3D Printed Vases with 3Doodler Pen (1)
Grace is Prez in London based mixed media designer and manufacturer, which has worked on projects which range a from a hat from mini cheddars to a wider variety of hair and face accessories, as you could probably imagine. Perhaps even more impressive than the mini cheddars Hat a complete with the 3Doodler created, which given has been known from Maplin Electronics commissioned in 2014 as the Peacock to be worn ladies day at Royal Ascot was producing about 60 hours and had to be completed within a week. This was the first time with the tool and she immediately took to him.

After graduation from Loughborough University in 2008 with a BA in multimedia textiles, she continued her studies at the Royal College of art, a master of Arts, mixed media in the year 2010 she received textiles with a variety of materials and is very adventurous in both art and technique has worked. She is at home with accessories and she has in her body of work as a means to communicate ideas about the entanglement of ethics and aesthetics.

A writer from the blog 3Doodler recently with du Prez started to talk more with you about her latest project. Of course they were interested to know more about what drew the 3Doodler primarily to use them. You Prez explained that she had been ready to begin interaction, the several hundred hours because the combination of the hands on and modern technology in the pen printing.


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“I am again and again moved to new materials try, and I love to create tactile surfaces, so that, when I was approached to do my first 3Doodler project I was really excited–it sounded like something I would really enjoy.” My previous work has involved many surfaces-design techniques including digital embroidery and fabric manipulation… It was really interesting, to work with plastic is a medium, and exploring the different effects that you can create. I like that the 3doodler of modern technology combines and yet is still very hands-on ‘. ” Vase2-_low

Du Prez is accustomed to pay attention to the details. There is an order to her work, which is their sophisticated techniques and their background in embroidery. Overlooking their pieces that I attributed to Charles Eames of the quote reminded, “the details are not the details. You make the design. “In addition to a very trained eye and steady hand, she notes, that it is important to ensure something refined and flawless to produce comfort on physical, if this body is to.


The 3doodler made vase she just revealed, is a waterproof creation with the luster and texture of the broken glass. In her interview, she described their procedures and plans:

3D Printed Vases with 3Doodler Pen (1)

“I’m just a vase, which is completely waterproof. It is composed of several layers of district are all connected to each other. I use it previously made the same principle as a bracelet. I applied a clear Silicon on the inside to make it waterproof. It is functional and the clear plastic looks really nice through the water. At the moment I’m working on lamp shade design in two different colors… The designs to create many different timbres used a graduated effect. ”