3D Stickers to decorate the house

Decorating with innovative objects and rich in details, will surely allow you to better customize every detail of our home: today we offer an original and very simple to implement to enhance your home .


Are you looking for inspiration to decorate the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom ? Today we wish to offer the stickers in 3D objects to beautify and make every room unique. These beautiful decorative elements do not have to be created by hand because there are already on the market: we are talking of the adhesive pvc non-toxic small or medium size capable of giving a 3D effect on objects, a unique effect that can transform any object into a true masterpiece .

Thanks to the special camber and the possibility of being washable and resistant to high temperatures, you can customize glasses, cups, pots, computers and all that is in the house according to your personal tastes.

There are many sites that offer stickers in 3D, today we want to offer the site dekoidea , an e-commerce site that offers many Stickers at very attractive prices:

As you know, our 3D Stickers are perfect for placing on walls gotelé because its spongy adhesive fits perfectly in any wall irregularities. Such was the case of Angel, as you can see in the picture below, the wall has gotelé , but even so the clouds have been perfect. Here’s a front view of the composition:

Angel has decided to combine it with a vinyl adhesive and leave white clouds, but these Stickers admit as many combinations as you like since being Perspex can be painted with acrylic paint, plastic or spray any color and look perfect. thank you for Angel send us photos. We hope you like the result and we are delighted to remind you to send us pictures of your decorative work.









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