4 Top Modern Bathroom Design 2016 luxury

A modern bathroom transforms the idea of what is a shared bathroom with new concepts and innovations, creating spacious, bright and pleasant.

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In a modern home, bathroom seems to be the smallest space and we have an obligation to turn it into a holiday of relaxation and well-being.
Space light and style

Three things stand out in a modern bathroom, is formed. Switching from classic bathroom with an elaborate distribution of space to place everything you need, for large environments with routine hygiene freedom in total relaxation and freedom. In a House of several square meters  or large, the bathroom is also proprietor with more covered area and was turned into a place of relaxation off the beaten track.

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In addition, the lighting is essential. As in other environments where light brings better development of activity and creates a natural and pleasant. A contemporary setting as this must be well lit with large Windows and, if possible, a good view. There are always tricks to prioritize privacy in this stay so personal, using translucent glass and curtains that are the most common.

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Finally, minimalism dictates the design of modern bathrooms. Straight lines and simple, neutral colors, only the necessary items, furniture and artifacts of modern design are some of the components needed.

With the aim of creating designs for relaxation and freshness, were born these beautiful bathrooms, ranging from rustic to luxurious but keeping the simplicity of lines and harmonious colours.

If you are designing your home you still have time to have a modern bathroom and spacious. If on the other hand is expected to renew, remove unnecessary furniture and objects, paintings, light colors changing artifacts and furniture modern designs, opt for glass partitions, changing tiles, with all these you can reach more space and light.

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