40 fantastic shells decorating ideas

Well, the summer is long gone. The sunny days and beautiful weather also. We now await the next summer and stay with the beautiful memories of this in our hearts. The sour weather out there but does not necessarily mean that our mood that should correspond. The same is true for the atmosphere at home. Why can we not keep the shells of decoration? No, we do not abandon them. If we have positive sunny emotions in the soul in the autumn, why can’t the decoration in our apartment again play that?

art cross pearl shells starfish decoration

It is decided – we keep the shells for decoration. We enrich it and make it even more interesting. If you need a small can of inspiration to get started with the summer to home return plan, you can check our photo gallery. You will find enough of it. With such a beautiful decoration, summer arrives soon – if not in fact, then certainly in our hearts!

Bedside lamp shells decoration gorgeous

Birdbath sand shells starfish decoration beautiful attractive

Candy cookies delicious colorful impressive Mermaid Shells Aqua shades

cozy living room bright color schemes round vintage coffee table flowers striped sofa shelves shells

Decoration turtle shells creative idea

Door decoration decorative shells starfish

Door decoration hanging mussels nice romantic

Door decoration wreath pink shells starfish maritime gorgeous

Glass shells beautiful holiday decoration

gläzerne shell sand shells starfish candle

great decorative letter Wanddeko Shells Starfish

hanging door decoration clams Flash warm shades

hanging mussels Deco cobalt blue maritim

Installation art mermaid shells shells original creative creatively

maritime deco mirror-like shiny shells starfish large

maritime deco shells shells blue vases

maritime deco shells starfish background and blue shades

Maritime decoration hanging tree shell clams

maritime decorations anchor shells Decoration

maritime decorations Beach inscription driftwood shells

maritime decorations seahorses shells starfish shells

maritime decorations white anchor rope starfish shells

Ornaments Set silver turquoise color shells decorative starfish

Photo frame color turquoise shells deco pearl starfish

Potted plants shells decoration beach sea sand summer

Shellfish decoration photo frame angel blue background

Shellfish decoration wreath starfish shells

Shells Decoration hanging wind chimes sweet summery creative

Shells Decoration wallboards starfish

Shells shells decoration snowflake shape

Shells Starfish Deco chandeliers great creative innovation

Tannenbaum original idea Shells Beads starfish

two bears tree mussels models

Wall decoration fish beans driftwood mussel head

Wall decoration photo frame shells starfish maritime

Wedding romantic decoration shells on the beach starfish White Lanterns

white vintage cupcakes stand shells starfish Moos

Wooden Cross Shells Beads Decoration