40 simple Christmas decorations ideas for crafting

Our simple Christmas decorations ideas to the own craft come in different colors and are suitable for every part of your House or apartment. You simply select the color scheme you prefer – traditional green, red and gold, or blue and purple? We have offered even Christmas decorations in pink to the selection for you. Let be inspired by our proposals and create an unforgettable atmosphere at home!
white christmas table decoration

Choose a color and inspired by our suggestions for Christmas decorations ideas – which are traditionally red and green combined, but also a white winter fairytale at home create. The best thing about the white color is that it is to combine with everything. So, you can combine white and blue, white and pink or white and green. Decorations with candles and plants that look natural and simple elegance are trendy. Find the right balance by opting for a main color and an accent color.

Advent funny shape

Christmas decoration ideas for a modern d├ęcor are perfect in purple or blue. The pink color is perfect for girls, however, and can look amazingly sweet and modern! Purple and gold are super fit for a Royal interiors. The art of decoration is to combine suitable designs. Create a romantic atmosphere with beautiful purple balls, purple poinsettia and Christmas wreath with purple flowers and ribbons. Interesting proposal is to attach candy to candles and not only to set the table. Silver ornaments give the room a sophisticated look. Bright pink or light – blue stars are very suitable to a purist interior design. The fresh green decoration is very suitable for all fans of IKEA and your style. Christmas decorations in red creates strong contrasts and is to combine with white furniture.

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