40 stylish suggestions to the table cover

Our topic is today – table cover. If you want to present a stylish meal, you should adhere to the etiquette. There are so many occasions – for example, a celebration or just a collection of friends if we want to cover the table well. And when the boss comes to dinner, you have to be perfect. The ability to correctly set a table also serves that at an official lunch to avoid confuse the order of the cutlery.

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Now get our tips:

Putting knives and spoons on the right side of the plate. Or are the folks left?
Order: the cutlery is assigned, you respect that if it is used. First is the cutlery, which is located at the far and then the other.
The tines of the fork should be put forward and the cutting edge of the blade to be turned on the plate.
Sometimes the fork and spoon for dessert on the top side of the plate are placed so that there is enough space for other dishes. If you need a knife for the dessert, you can wear these with food.
The wine glasses are made using the knife for the main dish.
The napkin can be either left or in the dish.

Festive dinner product floral

Enjoy our examples and guidance as you stock up on a table! We hope that we help you be!

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