45 Garden decor ideas: five steps to success

How can we avoid fundamental errors in the selection of the appropriate garden decor ideas? It is possible to lose the main idea of garden design from the view. You can not true relax namely very well outdoors?

furniture garden design ideas garden parasol

There are some basic prerequisites. The first is that the garden is well maintained. In addition it recommended in this the most important furniture and decoration. Do we analyze step by step what it is exactly?

Garden deco ideas planting container flowers

Wicker furniture

Now, you can find different, great wicker furniture on the market. They can be used to make very cheerful and inviting mood. Choose absolutely weather resistant outdoor furniture for your garden. You can find these sometimes second hand very reasonably priced.

garden design ideas pebbles flower garden

Vases and flowers

Put vases of various sizes, textures and shapes. Because the flowering plants are the best jewelry, you can imagine in a garden. Fresh flowers should prevail before the decorative and ornamental pieces.

garden design ideas gravel flowerpots garden ideas


Who like stones and has a garden, is a pretty happy person. You can view the entire area as a blank canvas for the shapes with stones. No matter whether the pebbles, Garden paths, interesting island may not be missing.

Garden ideas garden lights garden design ideas colored fairy lights


The lighting made to measure for the garden is a must. She can be spread on the ground and on different plants. Place decorative lights at dinners and parties on the table.

garden design ideas garden decorations garden plants


The water in the garden should be present in the form of fountains, decorative Lake or simply other, symbolic forms. It revives the nature and ensures greater life and freshness. In Feng Shui can be portrayed symbolically also rivers and other water sources by stone paths.

Garden ideas garden lights illusion aliexpress garden way

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