5 cool houses with a stylish flat roof

Who wants to build a House, has known spoilt for choice: size, shape and color are just a few of the things over which a decision must be made. Maybe a little to facilitate the decision, we present five fantastic homes. All have been designed by architects from the German-speaking world and realized. In addition it unites all one element: the modern flat roof is an interesting alternative to the classic pitched roof. It not only visually enhances the House, but offers also an ingenious use way, for example as a roof terrace, garden or even swimming pools.

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Author: Krishna Lahoti reverse publishing fee free to direct press releases relating to the reporting of about Br gel Eickholt Architekten GmbH publications are third-party approvals and Honorarpflichtig. All other uses only after consultation with the photographer and Mr. Dipl.-ing. Torsten Eickholt a used in conjunction with image database is not per ssig. [Mandatory applies the legal rule of naming: Copyright author: Krishna Lahoti Esslingen + 491773192879, foto@lahoti.de www.lahoti.de] this newly built detached house with double garage in the Baden-Württemberg Lorch really struggled, before it could so majestically enthroned in the neighborhood. There, at first only two-storey buildings with gable roof were admitted. The decision allowed little later also more floors and other roof shapes to a contemporary development plan, so that this dream house in white could be. The construction but not only look, he stands out as a KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 70 and therefore has a low energy footprint. For this purpose there are many funding opportunities with which you could make your new home even more attractive.

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This contemporary building in a monument ensemble was built on acres only 22 meters wide, for it but 115 metres long. Thus the architects found a building, which was to get it, and in the new concept is used as a workshop. The original building was but not ignored and supplemented by this modern cube. So is a harmonious whole formed despite their different modes. While the pictured here back with large glazing convinced, were realized on the front also a district typical courtyard and a pool of water and thus fulfils all wishes of the clients.

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It comes not only with smooth plastered façade, also a wooden house can be implemented as a cool flat roof construction. As frumpy and unfashionable decried, the bungalow is now formerly baseless in the advent and so opted for the single-storey version also the builders of this object. In addition, they wanted a timeless and extraordinary architecture with clean lines and without compromise. The architects with unfussy design, filigree wood façade and transparency on the back came after this. Windows and a front terrace soil depth can merge here inside and outside together. So, the inhabitants can enjoy Lake adjacent to the land to the fullest.

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The most striking feature of this House is certainly the rust-red colouring, making it perfectly excels from the surrounding buildings. In the colored main building, community and private rooms of the family spread over two floors and five rooms. An upstream construction body in white includes the garage as well as the entrance and a bed and breakfast. Multiple bathrooms, a dressing room and many other refinements provide ample comfort. The plot has a considerable size and has the advantage that it guarantees free and modifiable point of view into the landscape to the South.

Credit homifyArchitetta Schiers AG

In a situation like this, you’d think the look of the House is completely irrelevant. However, the example proves that a contemporary building with a romantic mountain backdrop can have an incredible effect. A trendy shade of gray creates a connection to the surrounding mountains, the straightforward architectural language with hard lines obtained an interesting contrast with the idyllic location. The clear blue pool is a special highlight of this flat roof construction and guaranteed stylish cooling with views of the mountain scenery.

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