5 magical lighting ideas for your garden

The various ideas in the Act can be implemented depending on the presentation, furniture and space. Relax or party, the garden is more than just a place for your flowers, if you pay attention to a garden lighting with attention to detail. Plan and implement the lighting will not necessarily be with a high power consumption.

Garden lighting by the pool

Lighting idea 1: put stages in scene

Individual levels can be integrated between garden and terrace or in a garden with a slight slope. At dusk or in the dark may they represent a risk. The lighting with small spots in the stairs, not only ensures more security, but also a pretty effect. A wall that provides grip and a distinction between the soil, is located next to the staircase you can integrate also the energy-saving and brightness-giving LED spots. This type of specific lighting must be restricted not only on steps and stairs, but is also for the illumination of the entire route. Who would have more varied, can provide flower pots with LED spotlights.

Garden lighting Bollard lamps

Lighting idea 2: Pond in day and night a highlight

A pond is not just a detail in the garden for fish lovers, but also for all those who want to give added value to the garden. This water games and an attractive lighting are among other things. Water over rocks, you can integrate light in different colours. The same applies to the point where the water from a stone in the arch or a figure emerges. It’s a classic pond can be with ball lights around the pond brighten. More ideas for attractive accents on or in the garden pond introduces “Garden pond light” by gartentipps.com.

Garden lighting perfection

Lighting idea 3: effectively even without power

You want to avoid the spending and work bring the laying of the cable, so alternative lighting variants are offered. In the magazine of the Garden House GmbH, the theme is picked up for this solar. For the garden, there are solar lights in two systems. You have the choice between lamps, which have integrated a small solar cell and lights that are powered by an external solar power. Especially round garden lights attract the attention. LEDs provide low consumption enough brightness in the night and until dawn.

Garden lights for the pool

Lighting idea 4: The lawn lights up the night

Spots or spotlights, which are embedded in the lawn are quite inconspicuous during the day. This is to ensure that as the use of the lawn as a result should not be complicated on the installation height. Visually not to interrupt the surface, must be paid in addition to the size of the lighting. In the dark, the effect is then revealed in full course. You illuminate the entire surface with a few, well placed spots. The classic is white light, which, however, is not a requirement, especially if the glow of light on a tree or other object is aligned.

Bollard lamps for the garden

Lighting Tip 5: Candles for special atmosphere

Candles and lanterns, which in coloured glasses, paper bags with different cut-out patterns or in the form of lanterns light the way or illuminate the patio create a beautiful, cozy or romantic effect. If you want something more light, you should reach for a pillar candle. In this way, light can be installed even on the tables. For all other places, you can grab as an alternative to special, wind strength and robust, some large and colorful or decorative outdoor candles.

Garden patio lighting design

Garden patio design with beautiful lighting

Garden plant arrangements with lights

Garden River with submerged lighting

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