6 Ways To Use range sofas Inspiration for chic

Recently I moved again and need new furniture. The new apartment is smaller, in one decor you will find chic sofas, therefore I must this time apply the Tetris tactics to make the best out of it. Things like a kitchen hallway and bathroom are already hooked. What me but since few weeks headache primes is the sofa. None fit properly so, and those who fit, bring my account to the cry. So must be conjured up.

chic chesterfield sofa

My criteria: Stylish, flexible and cheap. Initially, futon sofas were me in the eye, such as for example this futon sofa Chico from Karups. Pretty cool part (from €400), but there goes probably more (for less);).

chic corner sofa


a dozen old pallets (just in Classifieds, local or on eBay check out 2.Wahl)
Abrasive paper
white wood paint/glaze
optionally a few rubber rollers
Pillows and mattresses, since tap futon mattresses

shabby chic double sofa bed

And you have the ingredients to build a stylish interior and corner sofa itself. You don’t need a manual because up here all by itself explains. There are no limits to your creativity.

chic sofa covers

The treated pallets are not only a great eye-catcher but offer much storage space for small things of everyday life. Very cool I would imagine also a light effect. A long fluorescent tube under the pallet places and the optical winner at any house party would be wrapped with foil. Thanks to the “modular construction” the good piece in the blink of an eye (best by means of rollers) can re-position and re-purpose for the bed.

shabby chic dover sofa

We come again to the mattress: a futon mattress is there already from €90. It is pretty comfortable, cuddly looks and can be “bent”. Here an example for such a mattress (illustration shows a futon sofa bed similar to the from IKEA)

shabby chic down sofa