60 Feng Shui living room ideas with much positive energy!

Do you believe did Feng Shui can influence your life? Some say did it is no matter, as the apartment is furnished, because the furniture are simple objects, and the wall color is just a decoration. HOWEVER we do not agree. On our web page, we put much emphasis on the design of the room did depend on our mood and well-being. The Chinese philosopher correlat ion discovered how to opti mally place the personal space, to feel in harmony with the universe.

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The mysterious force is chi everywhere, even in apartment here, that’s why we tell now how you can set up a Feng Shui living room. The living room Feng Shui design revolves around the togetherness of the inhabitants. Here are some important tips for:

The sofas and armchairs to associate in the district, so did all can see, what facilitates the conversation. If it is impossible to arrange the room around it is enough only satis fies the condition to be that the furniture create sense of community.
Secondly, it is very important that there is an element in the center. This can be a small table, round rug, or a fire place as you can see in the picture gallery.

Feng Shui colors living like wood

The free spaces can be filled with attractive decoration – for example – plants or small sculptures. The TV should be placed a bit aside, because he can absorb the energy of the room.
Natural light and fresh plants give in turn many positive energy! So do not forget this when you finish set up living room Feng Shui. With the purchase of the apartment, they emphasize the commercial for large windows.
The energy can fly away if the ceiling is too high. You can avoid this by putting works of art at eye level. The pictures are very suitable.

Feng Shui colors living room combination

Colors play a large role in feng shui! Most important is the yellow color, a color of the earth. You mean health and shoulder level be the focus. Green is the color of the family, so to living room! The white color stimu lates the creativity! Enjoy our samples for feng shui decor and wall decoration. So you want to learn how to arrange your living-room of full of energy. If you do not believe it, this institution has taken its own aesthetic, which deterministic mines you.

Feng Shui colors Living green and white

Feng Shui colors living instructions

Feng Shui colors living room for children

Feng Shui colors living room a lot of light

Feng Shui colors living room has its own meaning

Feng Shui colors living room is yellow on main

Feng Shui colors living room not dark

Feng Shui colors living room white fosters creativity

Feng Shui Decoration a dove

Feng Shui Decoration abstract image

Feng Shui Decoration Fire is to control

Feng Shui decoration in red

Feng Shui Decoration lamps high

Feng Shui Decoration of TV is removed from the center

Feng Shui Decoration plans trokene

Feng Shui Decoration Round chandelier

Feng Shui Decoration Round rug

Feng Shui Decoration round shapes

Feng Shui Decoration Sailen on the wall

Feng Shui Decoration same pictures

Feng Shui Decoration symmetrical stool and armchair

Feng Shui Decoration the center

Feng Shui decorative colors

Feng Shui Feng Shui up mirror

Feng Shui image red color

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Feng Shui images in different colors

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Feng Shui Living entirely in blue

Feng Shui living room computer is set aside

Feng Shui living room in light green color

Feng Shui living room sofa two piece

Feng Shui living room two mirror

Feng Shui living room upholstered stool

Feng Shui living room white sofas

Feng Shui living room with a piano

Feng Shui living room with a round bed

Feng Shui living room with brown sofa

Feng Shui living room with colorful pillows

Feng Shui living room with large windows

Feng Shui living room with partition

Feng Shui living room with two images

Feng Shui living room with typical accessories

Feng Shui pictures a city

Feng Shui pictures a farmer

Feng Shui pictures with plants

Feng Shui set around is common

Feng Shui set for small spaces

Feng Shui set up a table in the center

Feng Shui Setting choose the color

Feng Shui setting led lighting

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