8 deco wooden headboard ideas

There is new at FactoryChic! The Lille brand of furniture and decorative objects thought to our balmy nights, she has just released a range of 8 headboards wood available in 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm wide. With their gross appearance, they adapt perfectly to a deco chic & charm, Scandinavian, or industrial.

creative wooden headboard ideas

Serendipity, Serendipity, Serendipity… I’ve encountered this word but its meaning escapes me… Wikipedia tells me that “Serendipity” is “the art of finding something other than what we were looking for”. For example, if you are looking for photos of lofts on Google, you have arrived on our Loft and from page to page you’ve discovered this selection of headboards, and these have typed you in the eye. And well we can say that you have discovered them by Serendipity! There is no doubt that with the ‘Serendipity’ headboard you wake up each morning with a thirst to discover the surprises that you reserve this new day.

‘Love’ is a head of bed raw wood with traces of worn paint. A great decoration idea that will bring warmth and passion in your nest.
An alternation of rough boards and painted boards here is the head of bed “White wood”.

Your children will wake you up at night! ‘The best night ever’ bed head is there to try to nail them spout force fate…

This is the ‘Big love’ headboard and his blue-gray that fits perfectly in the trend of the moment.

“Darling you’re a work of art”, “baby you’re a work of art”, or both!

“Golden Love” is a bed head wooden skated with the inscription “Love” painted in gold. A decoration Tip: remember to match your cushions to your headboard.

And finally, here is the headboard painted wood “Live. Laugh. Love. “to never forget that life is a game.

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