A Current and Very Cheerful Apartment

Furniture design and carefully selected contemporary artworks flooding the walls are interspersed with a touch palace and corners that evoke more industrial. The slogan seems to be no fear and take advantage of open spaces for unusual combinations. The set is hard to match, flashy and colorful.

living room

Current and cheerful This Lisbon apartment has been decorated by the Portuguese and the Monica Penaguião we invited to play.
Purple and pink are associated shamelessly with electric blue and green, but white is always the predominant color in the living room , where everything looks very modern, but which are also nods to the history of baroque furniture with that console painted on the doors of the sideboard.

Library home

In casual dining sobriety reigns: pure colors and dark chairs recovered in contrast with the modernity of the lamp and the simplicity of the great white table.The large windows are the undisputed protagonists.


The surprise comes in the bedroom, dominated by a wallpaper in gold and white that has little to do with the bright colors of the room.It is place for rest.


And the kitchen and bathroom are quite functional. Materials such as glass, steel or polished concrete and straight lines ensure order and cleanliness. No concessions to design but to comfort.