a desk tidy and fun

We propose a series of fun and practical accessories to get to have a fun and outgoing office

Good weather, the sun, the heat, the pools … it appears that the holidays are just around the corner for many and only a small step further to others. In the month of June, this has no turn after. And maybe that’s why it seems to go to the office every morning costs more.
The holiday resort occupies much more space in our heads that the remaining tasks of the job. Almost everything we find on the desktop is gray, dull, dispensable.

We suggest you fight that feeling, you reveal that sinking feeling against labor. A good trick to surround yourself with objects can be loaded with good humor, even in the office. And if they are practical, even better. As Table Island support a curious Dutch firm Royal VKB.
It is a functional “island” designed to place the wallet, keychain, phone and sunglasses, with a space designed for the iPad . Different height compartments reminiscent of a mountain landscape. Placed on the desk helps you always know where you put everything.It is made of compressed cork, a material that adapts to every environment and also water resistant.

If you have more space on the table and want more sense of humor, commitment objects as funny as the cup for pens and pencils that bears the signature j-me and distributes + D2 . Inspired Bic pen cap for ‘life’, is available in red, blue, green and black and is made of durable plastic.
Kikkerland (also distributed by + D2) proposes a surprising calculator suitable for the most demanding of accounts. It is a hydraulic calculator that works with a unique water circulation system that enables. By not requiring any type of battery is 100% sustainable.

More ecology: which comes on the heels of Fellowes, a multinational manufacturer of ergonomic products.A few weeks ago presented a colorful green mouse pads, made from recycled plastics. with a hard plastic called “Brite” enable full mouse wheel, and are tough and durable.
Besides taking care of the planet, get glad the day.Because their designs are lively and fun.  Stamped with photographs printed on high quality, there are some with colorful flowers, raindrops round .

And to point everything you need and have order in your data, do not hesitate: a stylish notebook Kimmidoll. These charming and flirty dolls are inspired by Eastern culture. Each has a different meaning expressing “true values of life.
So with one of your notebooks on the table, in addition to paper always ready to point the most important things you will have this value as happiness, love, peace, friendship and harmony.’re Vertical and have pen in a game.