A fantastic Interior which is designed by Blu Water Studio

This Interior in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is inspired by the fashion world and the designer are Blu Water Studio. These amazing designs represent the haute couture in the interior design is Represents the fashion, the inspiration is from the new home trends from the prestigious catwalks.As haute couture individually tailored fashion creations of renowned fashion houses are called, which are created from luxurious fabrics by hand.

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The founder of Haute Couture is the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth, who founded the first major fashion house in Paris.Nowadays, the main function of Haute Couture fashion is to advertise through the international media for the ready-made clothing, cosmetics and accessories of each fashion house. Haute couture models are bought with prices up to one hundred thousand Euros per dress from a few well-heeled customers worldwide. These fashion creations are displayed as works of art in exhibitions and museums.

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Haute couture influenced many interior designers. Bold colors and delicate monochrome shades like yellow and blue are used in these modern interior designs and make the living room stylish and attractive. These interiors exude elegance and find inspiration from the modern dresses. Wonderful mirror prove to be a great decoration.

fantastic interior bed bedroom

See the stylish furniture and decorative elements. Magnificent chandeliers, tasteful rugs, interesting artwork and wall cladding show the inspiration of the designer. Here you can enjoy the interiors of living room, bedroom, dining room and bathrooms.

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fantastic Interior bed

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