A Feminine Touch To The Beauty of Your Home

I think more than ever this week and I need a break. Despite having a holiday in between, I think that the hours have been extended so nerves I have accumulated in the stomach, which arrived Friday with batteries just to spend the morning.

But after all … is still Friday, and with it comes the # hometourdeco to get into which silver lining in different houses and inspire and get ideas deco, but the truth, there are real gems in a network.

To dismiss the week, with a little feminine touch, I bring this magnificent apartment, which results in white, with splashes of color and pastel.

Their delicate forms, and the Victorian air, is what characterizes him being peculiar.But without a doubt, a white painting is the detail that costs us cope.
It will be for the light, or the fear of emptiness but certainly always would see this house painting or papering a wall.

Hit or not … I personally think it’s a matter of learning.

We turn to gossip? Happy weekend!

The spaciousness, the use of every corner, and every detail in each of the rooms.

Fearless mix of style, but where there is always room for a piece of design.
Philipe Starck, no puede faltar… Philipe Starck, can not miss …

You see, it is a reality.You do not see very special kitchens, enormous. This has a deco charm, which makes palpable and natural.

Every corner is seen as the perfect place for a different area.
No we adapt to this architecture … is adapting to the composition.
Where surely someone would have included more warm touches of color, here a line is left cold, magnificent posters also give the air more urban.

The bedroom is a space with just enough, and it is based on colors gray, white and a touch of color that adds femininity and french touch more chic.
The retro-style pieces, or elements peculiar make this bedroom confers a more idyllic and even staff.
But if we turn the light …. you will see the work area … short, yes, but with that layout as clean … I wish that I was someone who I have the dummy as well combined.