A fireplace for your summer parties

It is about the night of San Juan , a night that we all surround ourselves with fire , and thinking about that night today we bring you a project with which you can celebrate this magical night around the table, and fire as center holding a fireplace !

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Step 1
Place the wire mesh on the floor and put the bucket upside down on her. Using a visible colored grease pencil, draw the outline of the cube.

Tip : Whenever you cut metal, be sure to wear gloves because the workpiece could produce sparks.

fireplace during summer

When cutting metal, turn the variable speed rotary tool with a low speed and increase it as needed. If vibrations in the metal workpiece occurs, the speed increases gradually tool until the cut is smooth. Cutting blades can wear for the duration of the project, so be at hand in case you need to change them. If necessary, make additional quick cuts to get rid of the jagged edges.


Step 2
Place your mouth nature above and gasoline gel on the inside. Place the cut piece of mesh inside the bucket to about an inch from the edge of it, leaving enough to add stones on her space, and you’ve already finished.

Now you just have to place your fireplace in the middle of the table, and enjoy the summer evenings in the light of that fire enbriagador.

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