A funny reindeer crafts for Christmas – 15 suggestions

Reindeer should not be missed in the Christmas decorations today. They are an important symbol. Finally, Santa Claus without her help would can umreisen the world and distribute all gifts not in just one night. Take advantage of these sympathetic animals to make at Christmas time. Especially their children be tinkering with the reindeer have fun that’s funny characters and that arise from different materials.

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Surely it will take your child funny, to dress up Christmas like reindeer. But let’s face it, even as an adult, you’d have yet determined fun. Get to the reindeer to make a headband, and make ears and antlers from an any material, such as felt.This idea to the reindeer can make use to make pretty wrapped gifts. In the kleineHandtuch, you can put SOAP, cream, candy or what else you think you. Then the towel is easily rolled up and the two corners folded upwards and tied down.

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Giving you the reindeer craft glue in the jar and spread it well. After that you can glitter put gals shake that and turn (don’t forget to close it). In this way remains the glitter glue to the insides. Choose the best a Brown shade as the fur of reindeer. You can make the rest of paper, felt, foam or other material. For the face, you get moving eyes and a red Pompom.

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Children will enjoy surely a puppet theatre in particular. For this purpose, you can make a reindeer. Use the best a sock. Like you can come up with other characters for a great show.Very quickly, this reindeer is tinkered. You need to the reindeer make a toilet paper roll, from which you make the body and additional cardboard for head and antlers. Quickly, the face is painted with felt-tip pens. Sure, you’ve seen many interesting craft ideas are made of Cork. If you have a supply of corks, you can build even a reindeer. The individual corks you can with needles stuck together or but as shown, glue together with glue, which is safer if you tinker with the children.

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And even plush wire is incredibly handy when it comes to fiddling. Tinker with the reindeer is he often used to shape of antlers. As above but can see, he is suited to the design of other parts of the body. So combine corks with plush wire and have to be ready always Wckelaugen. Children like to play with colors, which is well known. For this reason, your child will tinker also definitely great fun on this project to the reindeer have. To make the Red Rudolph nose, you can reuse a Bobble.

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You can make happy the dad and the footprints of of child with your are combine. In this way, you can make an interesting wall painting, with which you can make any room. Make a really simple idea to the reindeer, isn’t it? Arrange ice stalks, which you have previously Brown painted a triangle and glue them together. What you make to the reindeer add, is nothing new: moving eyes and plush wire. This time, a red button is used for the nose.

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You can pack a bag full of candy cute by you sew them with a reindeer head made of cardboard. It will make the packaging to Schade almost to the breaking point. Tinker with an idea to the reindeer, which is really worth. Candy can also be given away in a jar. Configure this before but to a reindeer and the joy will equal worse. And this idea to the reindeer tinker is also not difficult to implement.

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Decorate the Christmas tree with reindeer tinker also pine cones. So, this rustic decorative element receives just a witty and charming look. Otherwise require only the usual materials Tinker to the reindeer.You can make a reindeer from puzzle pieces. Use the parts of an old puzzles, where already many parts are missing (watch out for the matching of colours) or make own parts by using salt dough. So or so, the decoration is very original. Add also a Bell.

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