A House Full of Peace

After returning to work after the Easter desired, (which is hard as) and after a week, which is to turn the page, finally came on Friday.

Adored weekday, for many things, plans for rest, and also clear off the # hometourdeco.
So as to dream homes like today.

This is an inspiring space.Of these homes (at least to me) I relayed a sense of tranquility, culture and creativity.

The mixture of styles, pieces and classics or books, but not defined, if not in a set.

While it is true that the order always calls my door, it may be the perfect way to end the week, and get into the weekend, with a little relaxation, and style.
To you … what do you think? ┬┐os gusta esta mezcla? Do you like this mix?

HAPPY WEEKEND!Be good and enjoy!

Without starting to wander the house, you can see that this is where we will find a variety of housing styles.
A mixture union without fear of retro and minimal.
Industrial and vintage.
A place where stays are designed as one, and let see the light continuously.

The way that the owner has managed to mix and highlight.
Fijaros such a way so subtle, sneaky kitchen furniture, leaving protagonist, rustic pieces like that table, or stainless steel hotplate.
When considering the design of your house, these are the details that will make it different.

To provide that warmth include touches of color, plants, or chairs
(In the mix) with some color.

There are no barriers, and everything is studied as a single space.
Natural pine floors, doors or pickled in white are the details that make the Nordic chill, with such details as natural and a reflective target.

This is what I said.
A workspace, where … uffff …. I love to work.
The studio full of light, with its own space, and a large library of magazines and books that will inspire and culture.

However, because between us …. low futon beds with bedspreads dragging, and others … they are so cute in photos, (at least for me, understand me) but where this high, and easy cleaning of the room …. we want to have it all day … picture.
And that is Saturday naps?