A penthouse in Rome’s Villa Torlonia sophisticated simplicity

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You can have a green and overlooking the contemporaneous story? You can live with modernity and technology without sacrificing the sweetness of reassuring and a bit fané bourgeois atmosphere? Of course you do, it is very difficult and this penthouse Roman hyper-equipped and super terrace , recently renovated by Stefania Di Girolamo , one of the most popular interior designers in the capital, it is the successful demonstration.


It is a very elegant residence , almost 400 square meters of technological solutions and innovative.
The entrance opens into a large living room , at whose center stands, impossible not to see it, a huge rectangular mirrors etched and antiqued with sophisticated techniques, which hides the elevator shaft of a private residence. The light that bathes this large space is metaphysical, material, dense, very short Roman.

A penthouse in Rome's Villa Torlonia sophisticated simplicity

The  kitchen is virile, strong and high-tech, a passer environment , which runs between the living area and the children with the help of a large terrace of deputy service to their games.

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I seemed to feel a great deal of attention to the needs of the children of the client , an atmosphere that pervades most of the house and talking a great sense of serenity, beauty and gentleness towards those who are definitely the largest joy of our lives. It was a pleasant and unexpected revelation, considering the rampant Interior ruling that generally reserve a more careful design of the common areas of the home, often designed to work area for receiving and making business, a kind of showroom which sacrifices the intimacy of the house.


A lounge area with TV, library and games, deputy exclusively to the many small components of the family home to the rooms of all the boys, one for each, so that by opening the doors of their rooms, you can access this large common area , to live and share nsieme, socializing with friends or family.
Simple but effective idea to coat the panels of the cabinets of this community setting with the photos of the children in a game of joints by soft glassy effects.
The main terrace of the apartment is facing Villa Torlonia , more precisely, the hoot owls .

Penthouse with a Backyard in Tribeca

Just the park is the scenic ribbon that winds in front of the various spaces of the house: dipartendosi through enormous windows, unfolds around the living area , culminating in its delta in the dining room, with an outdoor area for breakfast deputy summer , the ‘ furniture of terrace is discreet and elegant , with furniture in shades paved studiously placed here and there, who do not live outside of their own light but bind to the interior in a happy dialogue .

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The floors are of various shapes, but in all types of wood : the bourgeois entrance, fun in the bedroom, in the marine outdoor spaces, to remind us how this charming residence resembles the prow of a ship, with its porthole set into the walls of the terrace. A boat that sails from the sea of Beauty.

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Select Penthouse with a Backyard in Tribeca