A plant as decoration: Ficus Lyrata for a lively interior atmosphere

The Ficus Lyrata, ficus lyrata, with their large, dramatic leaves, which is bale together on the top of the tree trunk, is perfect for the corner in your Living room and is a welcoming green note that fits any style. Minimalists but could most likely benefit. The Ficus Lyrata sees the most incredibly sparse interiors, where its sculptural violin-shaped leaves look almost cartoon-like. Despite its tropical origins but the Ficus Lyrata looks not Interestingly as a plant from a medieval garden or from a great children’s book, as a beach or room decor.

Plant as decoration home office

In addition to these design taking care of violins is properties fig easily compared to the other species of figs, and as far as I’ve read hardly a negative comment in this regard.Here, a Ficus Lyrata between two arm chairs creates atmosphere of a park. The generosity and the slightly retro textiles of pillows nicely complement the large green leaves.

Plant as decoration living room couch

Rustic furniture and architecture in this Palos Verdes-of California House! Everything is elegant and sparse – a perfect Setup for the Ficus Lyrata.

The plant also fits to the neutral Midcentury modern style in Manhattan.

Artificially combined with the ultra white decor in this Home Office in Portland, Oregon, the Ficus Lyrata shoots the bird. In this case, at least three – four plants in a container for voluminous effect were planted.

A wide-leaved fig in the corner of this House in Los Angeles brings joy to a “hard” looking room.

The Ficus Lyrata in the open plan living room in Hawaii makes the vertical space and connects it to the exterior. The thin trunk complemented the delicate Side Chair frame.

The gray walls in this House in Austin, Texas are a dramatic backdrop for a Ficus Lyrata. The high basket accounted for the hard sharp tree and makes it look higher.

Plant as decoration mediterranean bench chandelier

If your style needs something less rustic, try flower pots with an enamelled metal basket or high ceramic.

If you plan for your House Ficus Lyrata, then consider equal two units to buy. A few trees on both sides of the fireplace look quite good California in this House in Rancho Santa Fe.

If you To want to integrate green plants into your neutral environment, then could you add one other lighter shade of green (or yellow green), which soothes the contrast between the dark green leaves and bright walls and furniture. In this case, the curtains play this role.

Plant as decoration traditional sofas

How to maintain your Ficus Lyrata
Lighting: moderate to light. The tree might need more light when he aimed to light, has falling leaves and new growth is smaller than the old. To A lot of direct sunlight may cause the tanning or discoloration.

Temperature: Preferred room temperatures between 15 and 29 degrees.

Water: Add moderate and wait for the ground to dry up next time. To A lot of moisture can destroy the roots – bronzed leaf margins are a likely sign. Falling or yellow leaves are Very much likely too little humidity. Use room temperature water and if you To want to be especially careful, use water that is at least 24 hours old, allowing the chlorine evaporation.

Soil: General purpose soil which is rich in organic matter and has good drainage.

Fertilization: fertilize monthly or every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer in the spring and summer, if desired.

Additional considerations:
Size: The violin fig tree can grow up to 3.6 meters in height and 1.8 meters wide, therefore must be cut at some point they, but carefully, since the plant is not growing fast. If you To want put it in a large room, then better to buy a nearly adult tree.

Air cleaning: The greater the leaves, the more toxins can remove.

Toxicity: This plant can still a reason why you prefer to buy a big tree be toxic, when it is digested.

Natural Habitat: the West African tropical forest. In its natural habitat, the plant has edible fruit.

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