A Plus Family Home with Style

Its flexible distribution represents a success along with your current interior where refined design coexists with wood and colorful details. Can not ask for more!


Most clearly in the lounge
In the living room, the walls and ceiling white immaculate make up a scenario where the wood furniture and splashes of red, pink and orange become more stressed. In the background, a sliding door that blends with the wall separating this room from the kitchen. Reform and interior, Dai10 study.

 And as functional 
A large bookcase, linear, symmetric and sliding panels, chairs the living area and optimizes the space in the room. On it, the grid of the ducts for air conditioning and heating and the row of lights on the ceiling of plasterboard show how the reform bill took into account aesthetics and comfort.

  Nordic style 
The famous CH 24 chairs, created by Danish Hans J. Wegner in 1949, with its sculptural design provide maximum visual interest and a bonus of naturalness. A highlight in this harmonious environment kilim presence with its vibrant chromaticism. Chairs by Carl Hansen & Son. Table and sideboard, Ethnicraft. Sculptures of Avenida 3 Decoration. Lamp, from Gordiola. Dishes individual and carpet, Rialto Living.

A balanced decoration 
The intensity of red, well dosed without reaching saturation, becomes the serene living in an environment with a lot more character. A lesson in style: the mix of cushions soften the sharp contrast between clear the sofa upholstery and sisal rug.

Cooking in contrast
In its commitment to total white, one exception: the black pavement with large pieces breaking color consistency, clarifies and defines the intense light the work area. Porcelain Novocemento of Aparicio. Mantel and chairs, Mestre Paco. Accessories on the table, Avenida 3 Decoration.

Kitchen with two rooms 
Kitchen with two rooms After the reform, the kitchen is spacious, with two zones. In the brightest, for direct access to the terrace, is the dining area, with a large closet and pantry cupboard. Inside, the work area with furniture distributed as U. Kitchen, of Cairo Disseny, with countertop, Silestone. Sink, Franke. Hood hidden in the false ceiling of Pando.
Bedrooms connected
With a slide-based compact bed for a second mattress meters are optimized in children’s rooms, each has its gateway but communicated inside to make room to play. Striped duvet, cushions and chairs model Jules, from Ikea.

Very practical furniture 
Each desk has a maximum brightness own window. Between them was placed a bookstore to separate them and create two study areas, which facilitates concentration. Beside her, on the ceiling, a guide for sliding door Klein. With it you give more independence to the brothers in the near future. Design and interior, Isabel Jover. Yellow box of Lego. Dubal Radiators, Rock.

The plus of femininity in the bedroom 
Printed in a mix of colors printed in the bedroom a surprising dose of vitality. The vintage twist: the pair of armchairs and cherubs on the wall. Quilt and table were purchased from Mestre Paco. Cushions, Rialto Living. Lamp, from Ikea.

A luxe suite 
The smooth front bedroom closets with refined aesthetic shared bathroom facilities. Sofa and armchairs, family inheritance.

The bathroom is a limpid atmosphere where beige porcelain with its multiple shades evokes a sense of naturalness. In the bathroom, bath, Hidrobox. Allure Faucets, Grohe. Shower, Corian. Porcelain, of Monocibec. Fain towel, Runtal.

 Bathroom furniture made ​​to measure 
The wall to wall mirror and Corian countertop synthetic seamless, fit perfectly in the refined aesthetic of the bathroom. The symmetry of the set exudes elegance. Washbasin, Dai10 study design with Corian countertop, faucet Allure Grohe, and drawers in white lacquered wood textured. Metric Brackets, signature Pom d’Or.


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