A success – to manage a garden party

Whether already in the early afternoon or only in the garden party is evening hours – at the extraordinary event. Because the celebrations in the open are something special and offers Numerous possibilities of the beach party to the round birthday until the summer festival in the vintage style. But what a beautiful garden tranquility belongs to a successful garden party?

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To find inspiration Benthic Benthic, usually motto help on the most occasions. At a garden party, this is not strictly Necessary, Because The special atmosphere already Provides enough inspiration for the food, the drinks, as well as the decoration. A light fresh meal with plenty of vegetables is literally when is celebrated in the garden. This grilled meat and fish. Another idea may be a buffet of finger food, Which offers the advantage did the guests without cutlery to eat and THEREFORE does not Necessarily have to sit at a dining table. Instead, They Can with Tomato mozzarella skewers, mini-wraps, or falafels on garden chairs or loungers set and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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Flowers, twigs, MOSS and other materials from nature are suitable for decorations, Which may be quiet something lush. This You Can Either simply arrange on the table or in a vase. Tin Pails and nostalgic vases in the shape of jug underline the garden atmosphere very well. Your House and your garden have a modern look, rather you can support them with an elegant decoration with rectilinear vases made of glass or shiny metal.

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In addition, you can make your garden party of course as a motto like for example, “flower power”, “Caribbean” or “Midsommar”.

DEPENDING ON need one how many guests invite you and looks like the design of your garden party, or are Several dining tables and chairs or enough alternative beer table sets, Which for a rustic theme or a rustic garden perfectly suitable. To a beach party, or if you want a relaxed atmosphere, lounge furniture is very suitable. In a large garden, you can distribute them in different locations, and create different seating arrangements. For a special ambiance make hammocks, Hollywood swings, beach chairs, or outdoor beanbags.

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Appropriate protection against the weather

If you have a garden party, you probably have at an ideal of deep blue skies and brilliant sunshine in the head. HOWEVER, de weather is unpredictable Usually, All All which is why you Provide for a rain cover. In the best case, this meets Certain requirements:

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-He Must be large enough, so did all guests have Including space.
-It Shoulderstand be steady and sure to secure to the ground.
-The Material be durable and impermeable to rain.

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Best suitable, THEREFORE, awning or pavilions, Which comes in different versions. You can Either rent it or buy from online stores like this. The purchase is Advisable love especially if you frequently celebrate garden parties. In addition, pavilions, sailing and co. So are Necessary to protect the guests from the Sun. A nice side effect is the Sun and weather protection can produce such a special flair Because He remembered immediately in summer and widespread so coziness. At the pavilions or the fastening bars for the solar panels attach lights and lanterns, Which transform your garden in the evening in ambience to atmospheric.