A traditional wooden house in Scandinavian style, modern and luminous

Scandinavian style building is Identified with rectangular shapes of houses, roofs, and interiors of waters in 2 simple and functional. The simple form of the House is building economic and maintainable, roof 2 water are extremely efficient in the way Van Arctic, but Also in relation to the budget, and the interiors have easily arranged and encourages communication.

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Present a modern variant now the Scandinavian House, built in Norway in 2008, with wide windows to capitalize on natural light, modern Comforts, and two bedrooms, on two levels, and with a total of 85 sq.m.

The House is built on a wooden structure, The The which resulted in the Division of interiors depending on the supporting pillars, construction you like Every three meters.

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Thus, Between the first two poles on the left side is the bedrooms Located, Located Above the other one and Completely separate from the living area for added privacy. That is Given the width 4 m, two restrooms of about 10 m² on the ground floor and 12 square meters. You CAN THEN follow the scales House, 90 cm wide and kitchen plus dining like, and Between the last two columns on the right side lies the living area.

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The whole area is open Vertically, but only halfway, Leaving the Office dedicated to mezzanine activities and hobbies Owners. By closing your Above the kitchen area and with proper sound insulation, easily Could you get Another bedroom. Constructive system and form construction reflect the owner’s desire to Affect nature as little as Possible, but at the same time to be as close as Possible to it, and use as much of the construction Techniques and materials. As a result:

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The Foundation is as small as the structure Possible Above and beyond the swing That, so as to Provide space on the ground floor terraces.
Wood has been Used extensively in both the interior and exterior
Used He treated the pine wood on the outside and due to Possible Would the area with little rainfall

From the South and West facades is equipped with generous windows for maximum intake of light and solar heat.

To the East has positioned Some narrower and tall windows to enjoy the forest and Vertically.

Roof 2 waters, Whose Mane is positioned perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing winds, it is prolonged downwards That it forms a common body with walls, Providing Increased protection in the way of nature. The Same roof is extended and besides construction at its capital, so the terraces and balconies from here benefit from the same vertical and lateral protection.

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