A very French country house

Today I discovered this marvel. A French country house so you do not even need to mention it. I love the mix of rustic, classic and even industry who have given styles, because it gives a very special atmosphere. Although I love all, I prefer the bed and the bathroom, because the detail of the door and window in the wall are amazing, do not you think?

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Today I’ve Found this marvelous country house. I like the mixture of rustic, classic styles and industry events. Although I like everything, I’d choose the bed and the bathroom, because i find the door and the little window incredible. What do you think?

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I just discovered your blog and I’ll follow … I’ve loved your photos are beautiful … plus we share our passion for Ikea … it’s a pleasure to find blogs like yours , The weekly schedule and have been delighted! Not to mention the messages in pads bedroom … a very original house.

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