A warm Apartment Decorated in White

Blanco. What will this color so beloved? It is light, creates a sense of spaciousness and freshness, combined with all colors and fits with any decorative proposal. Must be why it is no longer fashionable not pass, but sweeps interior decoration. It is also the best partner to enter in a mix of styles, different patterns and colors … The white, has the ability to soften the contrasts and better integrate each piece of decoration. It has so many nuances that can decorate a single environment with them. The white is trendy!

female apartment

dining room

This apartment is located in Stockholm, white, like a great sheet, is present not only on the walls but also on the floor of the furniture and woodworking. The latest trends are committed to mix with wood finishes to win warmth, strong colors to soften the contrast and, of course, in black, with creating modern and stylish environments. This room is a perfect example: the Carl Hansen CH24 chairs and sofa, upholstered in dark blue, almost black, stand out against the white background.

dining room1


White has the ability to visually expand the space, which is very appropriate for ‘larger’ small kitchens. Moreover, mixing different shades of white is elegant.

white kitchen

This color can play with different materials and textures. Therefore, a fully white is not at all boring and opens many doors to creativity. Also, white is a color that conveys a sense of visual cleanliness. If you decide to decorate your kitchen in white, whether you want to apply only in one part of the kitchen, for example in furniture, or to opt for the role all this color, you will not have trouble finding all kinds of materials, accessories and decorative elements in white: wall and floor tiles, countertops, furniture, lighting, textiles and furniture. Decorate in white tone will be very easy, for the supply of materials in this color is very wide.



Also in the bedroom, white is the absolute protagonist, while Rose added subtle brushstrokes that give a feminine touch to the environment. The result, simply decorated, bright, fresh and elegant. There is no doubt that it managed to recreate the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that should prevail in any bedroom. We found this apartment on the website of Per Jansson.