Accessible bathroom – 5 Tips for Conversion

Barrier-free bathrooms not only older people more comfort and quality of life, younger people with disabilities benefit from the properties that make up a barrier-free bathroom: free thresholds and other obstacles, everyday life in your own four walls are with hold-up grips and seating is much easier to argue.

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We give you tips what to consider when the renovation or redesign of the bathroom for unrestricted mobility. For mobility and independence are the highest good for independent living for handicap people?

First of all, a simple entering of the bathroom is important. It is particularly important that the wheelchair or the mate easily can be transported through the doors. This means that interior doors must have a width of at least 0,80 m. When a necessary widening of the door, if necessary, changing static conditions. At the same time, the threshold should be leveling adapted and the door if necessary be equipped with an electric lock which can easily be operated from the wheelchair. Usually, a door wide listening is not enough, however. For the vision behind and in front of the door, so the corresponding movement areas must be present or be created, you should observe this in the conversion.

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With reduced mobility, a barrier-free bathroom often great difficulties. Because affected people need space to support, sit, or to be able to move with crutches. Between the individual element of plumbing, at least 20 cm must remain free, as the distance to the wall, at least 30 cm are required. So a caregiver should move well in case of need. For this reason, a barrier-free bathroom should be at least 1.80 x 2.20 meters large. This is the minimum requirement of the KfW in a barrier-free bathroom, to get benefit from state funding. Cm. suitable for wheelchairs a bath is generally considered to be barrier-free movement areas before sanitary objects from 120 x 120 but with movement areas from 150 x 150 cm in front of the sanitary facilities. You can make more space during the renovation if you off and instead a large walk-in shower install on existing bathtub.

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The shower should be with non-slip pads and floor, while the washing area must be accessible and therefore in the seats. The walls are to strictly than that support grips can be attached to them. A barrier-free bathroom so requires that the shower chair allows the showers and washing in a sitting position. If possible, the toilet should, therefore, approach able side and to open the bathroom door from the outside. Toilet seat and shower chair are to assemble at a height of 46-48 cm and with flip-up support handles side to provide so that space of 65-70 cm. The depth of the seat should be not less than 45 cm. A load of all tools must be able, however, at least 100 kg assured. The side of the shower seat height 85 cm in a single lever faucet is to activate the shower place is that she can be operated easily in a sitting position.

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Recessed window with a maximum sill height of 60 cm facilitates the looking out considerably. At least one window per room shouldn’t be opened easily by people with motor limitations, as well as the wheel chair and close. This is made possible by means of rotary-wing under control at an altitude of between 85 and 105 cm, or by an automatic opening and closing system.

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Enough space for turning with the wheel chair or walker is essential. To do this, a usable width of 1.20 meters is sufficient. Should this be building structure ally impossible, the hallway to the bathroom or other areas must be at least one meter wide. This course can be accomplished about this by is waived on doors to rooms. Existing doors should be possible not to the hallway and open. In any case, should you installing expansion cards sufficient maneuvering space is available for the wheelchair so that wheelchair users can independently open the bathroom or apartment front door and close?

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