Add a touch of color to your bed

The bed is the focal point of our room and we often forget that with a simple touch can make that space more than a place to sleep, there are many creative options to decorate the bed, you just have to be open to try new colors and combinations as a quilt or pillow with a different design and give that touch of color to your bed needs.

How to improve the bed
No need to buy expensive accessories, in fact, with a little patience and imagination can transform the bedding you have and give it new life.

One of the best ways to achieve a new look on your sheets or pillow is imprint designs. You can buy stencils that adhere to the fabric with the iron and do not fall with the washing. Also, if you decorate with applique quilts, you can have new bedding in a short time and with a very small investment.
Another way involves hand painting on canvas uitlizando special paints, in this case you can make your own models and paint them however you want on the sheets or bedspread.

Try to use colors that complement or contrast do (depending on your taste), similarly, you can choose to paint the entire surface or only part of the bedding.

Decorate your pillows
You can also redecorate your pillows and cushions with ribbons, paints, fabrics, accessories, and more.

Discover new combinations
Internet also gives us tools to improve newstar decoration, in the case of the bedding page game Anthropologist bedding is a category in which you can play by performing various combinations of fabrics, colors and designs, also has various tips to achieve decoration you chose.