Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom

When we talk about bathrooms, we all want a bit of luxury. To create a bathroom with aerodynamic styling and high-tech details, and feel like a movie Mission Impossible, we asked experts KR Interior Design …


It is important to note accessories and daily use products, without neglecting the contribution of a touch of luxury as well. Often redecorated the house and forget the bathroom, so this is your chance to create a dream space. If you’ve always wanted is an earnest shower floor, trying to incorporate this design in house plans.

Furniture innovation will help to reproduce a sense of space, allowing an unobstructed view of the room. Then we can see how the cabinet is cleverly built into the wall with touch opening doors (above). Perfect for storing towels in addition to all the toiletries cabinet.

bathroom wall tiles concepts

The bathroom fixtures are key to creating a unique style. These can come from Asian inspired (below) as these great green shoots and Buddhist motifs that bring a Zen note to the environment. These details have been terraced into the wall like furniture, in order to gain space to fit the shower running in the center of the room. Mosaic and Bisazza tiles are one of the most remarkable details of decor and contemporary radiator inside the shower area, create a spa feeling at home.


For an extra touch of luxury blinds and curtains think of as a way to bring warmth to the room. One of the most amazing bath rooms that show (below), combines the bath with a separate dressing only by white veils. The wooden bench gives a feminine touch, promoting the idea of ​​space as a sitting area for relaxing and comfort.