Add touch of color to outdoor spaces

Keep the exterior of our home in good condition is really recommended, more if they get hot weather. In those moments our patio or garden becomes a widely enjoyable. Do not hesitate: looking for different ways to add color to your garden and then enjoy it with family and friends. The metal furniture can give a touch of color up to your yard or garden. Paint it bright colors and so will give a festive atmosphere.

Use reasons to recycle your old summer wicker chairs. Paint them with spray paint, then use stencils and acrylic paint to Add it fun designs.
Small accessories like a galvanized container can highlight only giving a little color. So have a more personal look. The only precaution that you have about the food is not placed directly on the surface.
Another idea to give color to your outdoor spaces: used colors inspired by the various fruits. This lamp, for example, has a green apple. The colors of the table are citrus: orange and yellow.
Lamps with vivid designs are a great way to add color to your garden. Yet even as the sun sets. If you wish, you can overnight turn some bulbs to increase the illumination.
If you’ve been wanting to stay tuned for more ideas. Soon you will continue to inspire you to give a touch of color to your garden.

With good weather all try to spend as many hours enjoying the outdoors. The desire of all those who have the great good fortune of having a deck, a porch or a garden, is to prepare and equip it to enjoy great moments. They begin the cleanup and recovery of the outdoor furniture and, why not, search for add-ons that give fresh air to the space to make it the ideal retreat to relax in the sun, listening to music or enjoying the company of yours to sun or moonlight.

A terrace or a garden without plants have no life or color. In addition to protect you from prying eyes and help you create a more intimate space, reflect the joy that brings us all this time of year. Moreover if the pots and decorate with colored flower pot covers, strategically placed, it flooded all color. Furthermore, you are standing bases and supports with different heights to create different compositions in each corner.

In the garden, you can look for a tree or shrub to hang him a garland of colorful lanterns during the day will be very decorative but at night will give you a nice soft light that will complement the soft lighting of the candles.

However small your deck you should not give your own outdoor environment. Try to put in your balcony door or window a small room for two. Keep leaves the door open to sale or a “mini garden” that will create with your favorite plants arranged harmoniously. Will achieve a sense of visual continuity if you use similar colors for pots, curtains, furniture, cushions .