Adjustable balcony for the weather, the sun and income controlled air

When it comes to designing a balcony must go beyond form, we get this space on the exterior of the house allows us to adequately filter the sun and air into the house, the team has designed a E348 Architecture balcony that meets these requirements, in addition to air-conditioned indoor rooms also open and allows a ‘clean’ outward view when the blinds are folded.

adjustable balcony wall hanger

Balcony can be folded as a shutter for the weather Wood blinds covering the balcony can be folded in parts according to the needs of ventilation and natural lighting as needed.

stewart adjustable balcony brackets for troughs

Detail how the rods are bent pine on the picture we can see how the laminated glass defines the limit and allows a wide view to the outside without interrupting
When the occupants of the house want to enjoy the sunshine and the passive income of air inside the rooms can be folded all the wooden shutters and appearance is as follows:

height adjustable balcony glazing

Architecturally the facade looks modern and not lose your style even when the blinds are fully foldedĀ Another design facade blinds for sun protection.


In Build Home we analyzed a system of vertical blinds that operate automatically and are similar to the design of E348 Architecture have just seen, in the following gif features anime we can see it working that can help supplement your design ideas balcony or terrace.

adjustable balcony brackets for troughs

adjustable balcony hanger

adjustable balcony trough brackets set of 2


adjustable balcony bracket universal


adjustable balcony trough brackets

stewart adjustable balcony brackets

hailo viva adjustable balcony airer dryer

adjustable metal balcony bracket

adjustable balcony brackets

adjustable balcony trough brackets black by stewarts

adjustable balcony planter brackets

adjustable balcony hooks

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