Advanced technology in bathtubs

The market for bathtubs is continually enriched by models from high-quality design, and with important technological innovations, for total comfort. he market for bathtubs is continually enriched by models from high-quality design , and with important technological innovations that allow a total comfort for those who want a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

In addition to the function of Whirlpool , increasingly demanded by consumers, the new models also offer other options , such as sound systems , to listen to their music of choice during the bath.

Innovative line of tanks with built-in sound system
At ISH 2013 , an important international trade show for the world of the bathroom, which was held in Frankfurt, Kaldewei has presented its innovations in the fields of bathtubs and showers.


This year, Kaldewei has broadened the experience of the bathroom with a new dimension: the sound . For the first time, Sound Wave , a sound system for bathtubs, able to play the music of the devices with the Bluetooth system (such as tablets, smartphones or laptops.) With or without filling them with water, the bath acts as a sounding board and offers a very unique sound.

Kaldewei integrates its popular family of Pure tanks with a new model: Pure Duo . This bathtub is symmetric and, thanks to two ergonomic backrests and a central exhaust system, allows for a relaxing bath in two .

Cayono di KaldeweiKaldewei also offers a modern design at a competitive price level, with the new bath Cayono , ideal for creating an atmosphere of well-being even in the bathrooms as standard.

Again Kaldewei underlines Sound Wave your ruolo pioneer of the bathing culture. For the first time presents a sound system for bathtubs, thus extending the experience relaxing bath with a new dimension .


Sound Wave can be combined with all models of bathtubs Kaldewei. The different components and Bluetooth receiver are mounted concealed under the bathtub. With the receiver, you can play audio files wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device .

Sound Wave consists of two transducers, acoustic six-panel, a control unit and a receiver, and can be conjugated to quickly and easily to all models of bathtubs Kaldewei; the tank thus provides a sound of highest quality .

The control of the sound system from Kaldewei works through the ‘ audio device : When you turn the Bluetooth feature simply select the Sound Wave device and connect it with the code provided . Already from the subsequent use Sound Wave will automatically recognize the sending machine.

In addition, large families , with different musical tastes, they must tune to the same wavelength, because © is possible to store up to eight different devices . Just select your favorite music to plunge into a new sound experience.


Collection tubs with whirlpool
The technology Grandform  aims to combine techniques tub with elegant furniture components . The solutions tub and hydrotherapy Grandform may be applied to bathtubs or shower stalls , choosing the desired solution and combining it with different types of bath or walk-in.

Certainly one of the most popular models is the two-seater tub recessed called Concerto , with  whirlpool back , long and spacious, with two comfortable headrest for a bathroom with a tub for two.

Also in two places , for smaller environments, but without sacrificing the convenience of Bath, is the bath with corner installation called Blue , which was also equipped with holes for tub on the floor of the tank and two comfortable headrest to enjoy Total relaxation in the whirlpool.


The tank design , available with external panels of various colors , including an elegant black color, is produced in two sizes , one for installing a rectangular and the other for an installation angle . It is a large rectangular tub for two, a system with headrest perfectly integrated in the curved edge of the walls of the tank.

Mambo GrandformAvailable in different sizes , and which also has the possibility of having blacks panels for the border, it is instead the model Mambo , a classic rectangular pool with integrated Jacuzzi , to make the bathroom a real moment of relaxation.

In 2013, the Digital Plus system has been further implemented both in terms of performance and features, thanks to a new backlit keyboard and the new jets  able to move a higher flow rate of water.

The proposal of hydrotherapy is enriched with Fitform , a kit connectable directly to the system of the tank designed for the stimulation of the tissues and cellulite reduction. With Fitform you can make the most of the effects of hydrotherapy because © allows you to associate the manual massage to ‘ whirlpool in water .

The kit Fitform consists of three different heads to be connected by a hose to the suction mouth of the tub; the massage of the head over the treatment area, joined to ‘ suction and massaging effect of the water, it causes stimulation of the tissues and provide a better oxygenation .