Advantage of Interior Ceilings

Less than a week before the kick-off of Home Decor and begin to remember the wonderful palace elected last year to host the meeting and exhibition of the works of the Spanish interior. Palace Asturianas Mine was (is) an environment wonderful with high ceilings, coffered ceilings, his fairytale staircase and large spaces.


If we consider that the decorators are responsible Casa Decor a single space, which sometimes appears to a little cluttered, when it comes to a private home, it is not easy to fill those big spaces with high ceilings, for resulting modern and warm. Huge windows, doors and rooms to giant XXL size, should have a very thoughtful decoration.

A good idea is to take advantage of the high ceilings make for a great library, floor to ceiling to store books and magazines. The high or double rooms are perfect for hanging up (if you’re lucky enough to own one) tapestries, which in other houses could be overloaded and outdated. If you can combine them with contemporary painting boxes or huge pictures now give your house a touch very current contemporary art merging with the old one.

In this type of housing, always thank the curtains, to give warmth to the atmosphere. The theme of the gallery on the windows is more personal. I like simple, which is a plank covered in the same fabric falls, simple, no frills, but sometimes, I admire such as interior designers manage to create very sophisticated environments with a bandeaux recharged and a little palace. Of course, if the views are good and do not fear for your privacy, nothing decorative nude huge windows allow the house is an extension of the exterior.

The advantage of large spaces and high ceilings is that you can abuse the prints. Although I am more in favor of neutral textiles, spaciousness recognize that very well accepts recharged textiles including the dreaded brocades, which are so difficult to put on without you “grow old” decor.
So, for my part, I see only advantages in the high ceilings. What about you?


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