Advantages of micro-cement floors

When decorating the floor is one of the most important elements to consider being increasingly used those materials that are practical and durable. And when we refer to avant-garde decorations, we can not fail to overlook the popularity it has gained microcemento installation.This material gives us several advantages, while it is widely used in lofts and minimalist decorations. The same base is a mixture of cement and resins, which once applied can get to have a thickness of between 2 and 4 mm. It also has a smooth finish, continuous without joints, giving a very industrial feel.


Then we’ll tell you some of the main advantages offered by microcemento to bear in mind in case you do not know what kind of flooring to put in one of its rooms.

– One of the main benefits that this material gives us is that it is very durable, waterproof, non-slip. It also has anti-scratch anti-stain properties and which come from the last layer applied, which is polyurethane.


– These properties allow it to be used anywhere in the house, even the bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, the latest trends in microcemento neglect the traditional gray betting on different colors, which are perfect to achieve different types of decoration.

– Another major benefit is that your installation is not necessary to remove the existing floor (except when you have wood). It can be placed on top of that we have at home, taking care not to have loose and apply sealant pieces together. Its application is easy, fast and clean, while a successful installation can cover up to 60 square meters in a single day.

– If the ground we have at home is wood, we will withdraw previously, since the expansion of this material can reach the microcemento crack.

– In terms of value, this material is one of the best options in soils with cement base, such as straightening.

– Another benefit is that maintenance is easy. All you have to do is apply occasional autobrillo wax, so to renew the protection.