Advice and recommendations for cleaning bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the places in the house like the kitchen need cleaning daily , especially in sanitary fittings, sinks, tubs, faucets and a review of the ceramics and soils.

cleaning bathroom mold

How to clean toilets
The bathroom is the home environment where more bacteria and germs tend to accumulate, so requires daily cleaning.
As it is not an easy task, I will offer some tips to keep you always spotless and shiny, free of dirt.

cleaning bathroom tile

Cleaning bath, toilet and bidet
In cases where your bath is ceramic coated, for cleaning, in the market there are creamy cleansers very good quality, which are great for bathing at least twice a week since they cleaned without scratching or leave marks, thus allowing its characteristic luster look.

cleaning bathroom walls

To clean the shower or tub should use an appropriate cleaner disinfectant not spoil and can be left for a while acting on its surface In the case of stains, it is best before cleaning wool sponging with bleach to remove them .

cleaning bathroom sink drain

Toilet or toilet
The toilet or toilet is one of the elements of our bathroom or if you need a daily cleaning. We clean the inside as well as outside:
Interior. Wipe clean with products like bleach or ammonia, or pour hot vinegar and coarse salt. Leave it on and then with a brush to scrub the inside walls well toilet . When finished, let the water run. Repeat if necessary. If toilet training they have stains disappear if rubbed with lemon and salt.

cleaning bathroom with vinegar

Abroad. To the outside of the toilet use a cloth soaked in a disinfectant and pass through tops, tank or cistern foot and if you had.
Mirrors, windows and screens
To clean the mirror, screen and glass bathroom and prevent fogging with steam created in the bathing or showering there is an easy solution.

With a spray, in which there is a mixture of vinegar and water , sprinkle the mirror in the bathroom to clean it. Then I dry with a cotton cloth.
Another option is rapidly polishing a mirror with a cloth soaked microfiber water and drained . If very dirty, turn a sponge with warm water mixed with a little washing. Spend the wet sponge in the mirror and shines with a dry microfiber cloth.
If the bath curtain, has accumulated rust, soap scum or immersing in water with bleach about 30 minutes, then wash by hand or washing machine to remove dirt.

To remove tartar , you can use a sponge soaked in vinegar , and if unable to remove soak a cotton should be the size of the dirt with plenty of wine vinegar and leave it there for about 4 hours and then remove.

cleaning bathroom floors

To clean the shower heads, unscrew the head every two weeks if possible, and remove scale deposits, so the showers will always be able to do this, use white vinegar diluted with water.

Clean the tiles , generally walls can be coated with tile or other material, be careful with the products we use as it could be too corrosive and damage the finish, soapy water or a specially purchased product for this type of cleaning will be suitable, if we do each week, the tiles will not become too dirty and easy to clean.

The rubber mats or plastic can be cleaned with a brush, warm water and ordinary detergent.

If the bath mat is cork, is best cleaned with a cloth moistened with a little soap. Every two weeks is recommended to leave the carpet all night in the tub or a large basin, in water with a little bleach.

Remove excess moisture
For cleaning the bathroom, it is best to opt for biodegradable products, not to affect the environment. It is extremely important to maintain proper ventilation especially when someone is removed from the shower to prevent vapor condensation that causes mold and mildew, which soaked into the walls and ceramic causing dark and stubborn stains, especially in curtains and screens.
To avoid this problem we suggest you place a bag with silica crystals that helps absorb excess moisture perfectly.

cleaning bathroom tiles with white vinegar

Remove limescale
If the bathroom has lime stains, vinegar can remove them , but there are products on the market as the Total Protector Ceys or HG.

cleaning bathroom vents

Remove excess fat
The brands of fat accumulate in the shins, can be removed with a soapy liquid product and a little more and goes perfectly with strong brands lustrametales. The dull chrome can come alive with essential car chrome cleaners and those rubber plugs can be cleaned with bleach to remove them all kinds of fungi or bacteria that may collect.