Aesthetics of wood in ceramic finish

If you are someone that you like the look of wood floors but seems more practical ceramic, now you can have it all!
The ceramic floors are perfect for those of us who like that style that wood gives our homes but we consider it a bit delicate. And the wood can be undesirable for lodges or for those who have animals inside. Precisely, there are many who only decided by this floor for the rooms, but now it may seem that the whole house has hardwood floors.


The woodgrain is very successful in this type of ceramic and offers a wide range of colors and finishes. The main advantages are in this type of flooring are- High wear resistance, making it suitable even for high traffic areas.
– Maintenance, requires no special treatment.
– Low porosity, which makes it an ideal material for areas where water flows as the kitchen or bathroom.

Some firms have developed even a slip ceramic parquet that is perfect for use on outdoor terraces or in the pool area.Although traditional wood keeps winning the ceramic if your main interest is the warmth.

This is the amazing Andi and Dean reform that have taken place in your bathroom. That’s how it starts, in this old bathroom of a San Francisco neighborhood. Andi and Dean are willing to make themselves reform, trying to stay within a budget restrained. So after visiting various flea markets, thrift stores countless and shuffle a range of options, decide to risk to get what they both love: vintage style bathroom. It is an easy bet, but are willing to spend as much time as necessary to achieve his dream.

After a period of intense effort this is the magnificent result. The walls are painted a discreet green and decorated with subway tile type or “Subway tiles”. For the soil used wood type ceramic gray, giving it a truly elegant air. The cupboards and sink are metallic, and the vintage touch that makes this bath in a special room is the bathtub, which dates from 1890 and brought a tough and entertaining restoration process. Finally, to finish off his work and affirm the vintage style, Andi and Dean also chose this wooden cabinet.









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